August 7, 2015

Top 7 Greatest Chinatown in the World

Here’s a list of the greatest Chinatown in the world from Chinatown are present throughout the world, including those in East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Americas, Australasia, and Europe. While some Chinatown are focused on commercial tourism, others are actual living and working communities; many are in fact a synergistic synthesis of both. Here are the list of the greatest Chinatown in the world.


1.Sydney, Australia

Chinatown in Sydney, Australia  reflects the bright, sunny, the environment is one of the most bright and clean you will find. Now, the location is at Hay-market Chinatown is the third location; it began near the Rocks are near the port, then moved to Market Street, and finally settled here in the 1920s

Sydney Chinatown

2.New York, United States

New York City took the highest score for Chinatown because it is not just one, but three: the main attractions in Manhattan, one in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens, and a bustling community in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park. Canal Street is the center of the action of Manhattan, with endless opportunities for photo-camera that brought The tourists.  There is  a large number of herbal medicines and store-store stocks the best in all of China’s east coast.

New York Chinatown

3.San Francisco, United States

San Francisco’s Chinatown is a mega-attraction: it was the largest Chinese community outside Asia, the oldest Chinatown in North America, and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the local city. The current of the local on the weekends to shop for food and to absorb the local atmosphere around such beautiful scenery as the Bank of Canton and the Sing Chong Building.

San Fransisco Chinatown

4.Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Chinatown is famous just as Yaowarat or Sampeng, after the strolling nearby, Bangkok’s Chinatown is as old as the city itself. In the late 1700s, as a young Bangkok city expanded, Chinese merchants were asked to move. They settled here near the river where they have since that time will be quick to this point. The tourists will be fast to show the “Traimit Wat temple”, which the largest houses gold Buddha, weighing in more than five tons. Do not miss the great shopping opportunities, especially the items on display in the old Chinese pharmacy.

Bangkok Chinatown

5.Brisbane, Australia

Chinatown Brisbane is one of the more modern than Chinatown, Brisbane’s Chinatown Mall opened in 1987. A colorful architecture designed by Chinese architects and guarded by a pair of large stone lion astride area stores. There are many doors that can be considered over a pan-Asia from china clear, but most popular foods will stop Yuen’s Chinese Supermarket, China’s second favorite and family Australia.

Brisbane Chinatown

6.Paris, France

Paris Chinatown is known by many tourists, Paris actually has several Chinatown, the largest in the 13th Arondisemen. The name of Chinatown is slightly misleading, because many ethnic Chinese who emigrated from Communist-controlled Vietnam in the late 1970s. The influences of Paris is not lost on China, because you’ll find plenty of shops with exotic furniture, elegant but tacky nail salons and clothing stores.

Paris Chinatown

7.Yokohama, Japan

Yokohama Chinatown is the largest throughout Asia, in developing the environment when the Port of Yokohama was opened to foreign trade in 1859 because many of the Chinese traders and settled here. The roads and streets of Chinatown is marked by nine flashy colors, but the gate was found at all.

Yakohama Chinatown