July 16, 2020

Australian food expert Matt Preston recently discussed how cafes, restaurants and the hospitality industry might be change forever due to the historically tough and high impact times we are experiencing;

  • Multiple and new entry and exit points to venues
  • Compulsory customer sign in for trace ability
  • Delivery is here to stay
  • Food delivery services to be regulated
  • Different atmospheres – masked waiting staff though quieter less noisy 
  • Shared plates are less likely
  • Touch free dining such as cashless and contact free hospitality
  • Upfront charges for secure income for restaurants
  • Minimum charges to cover running costs for certain businesses
  • Shorter menus to control costs and minimise waste
  • Price rises with plexoglass separators for tables and staff
  • Set booking times
  • The return of disposable and plastic materials and cutlery 
  • Change in city demographics – through the absence of foreign students and tourists key to city street trade, people now working from home, increased online shopping and university campuses closed, CBD businesses will be on the downturn.

The hospitality industry will need to reset on all levels and it is more important than ever to safely support your favourite places for pure survival and the future.