July 9, 2014

Jessica Goh
Elitist Code

1. How long has your business been in Haymarket? 2 months.


2. Could you indicate what makes your business competitive in your industry and local area? 

ELITIST CODE is an online fashion label which release designs that are undiscovered in Sydney. We bring in unique, feminine and elegant dresses that embraces a woman’s beauty without compromising themselves. 90% of our dresses fit pregnant women which gives ELITIST CODE a competitive edge that our dresses are a life time investment. Other services included Hire A Dress and Custom Made Dresses. We deliver high quality dresses at affordable prices with free express shipping whether it is at your workplace or at the comfort of your home. 


3. What changes have you observed in the local area and business community during this time?

Nowadays, there is no better time for consumers to have more buying power and access to products and services. As most industries are overly saturated particularly retail, health and beauty, entertainment, financial services, food and beverage. Brick and mortar businesses are slowing embracing the power of social media and other platforms of technology to raise brand awareness and client acquisition. 


4. Why do you think the Haymarket Chamber attracts so many members? 

The opportunities it brings to proliferate great business relationships not only in the Haymarket community but in other communities as well. I have found HCC has been a great support behind businesses whether it is large or small. It is definitely a great network to tap into with like minded or business savvy people who are willing to help and support each other to grow their businesses.


5. Could you describe Haymarket in three words?   East meets West.


6. What do you see as happening in 2014-15? Growth in advanced technology, young entrepreneurs and rising expenses…


7. How do you see the plans in and surrounding Haymarket for the future? There will be more variety and edgier places to drink, dine and socialize. Greater development in infrastructure and accommodation. 


8. Favourite place in Chinatown? Mamak. When I was a business student, I would always bring my international friends to have a taste of my Malaysian heritage. 


9. Any advice to other businesses? Know your target market and you will know your business.


10. What is one of your favourite quote? “I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.”-Donald Trump