October 9, 2014

Vincent Lim


1. How long has your business been in Haymarket? The SUMO Group has been located close to Haymarket for more than 15 years.

2. Could you indicate what makes your business competitive in your industry and local area?
Our ASIC-registered managed fund is SIV (Significant Investor Visa) compliant, which means that our fund is most attractive to investors who also wish to gain permanent residency in Australia. Foreign investors who invest A$5 million in our managed fund for a period of at least 4 years can obtain permanent residency in Australia after 4 years (sub-class 888 visa). During the 4-year investment period, investors will be granted a sub-class 188 provisional visa which entitles them to travel freely and to reside in Australia with their family.

Another competitive feature of our Fund is that each investor has beneficial ownership in his or her own separate investment portfolio segregated from the investments of other investors.  In summary, we have a unique platform and investment solution for SIV investors.

3. What changes have you observed in the local area and business community during this time?
Haymarket has increasingly become a sought-after and exciting area to live, work and play. It has also now become an integral part of the City of Sydney’s CBD.  The business community here has thrived significantly over the years and the area is now home to many professional businesses; it is no longer just a place to go to for good food although that has remained a very attractive feature of Haymarket.

4.  Why do you think the Haymarket Chamber attracts so many members?
It is about being relevant to and listening to its members, which the Haymarket Chamber does very well. It has brought together businesses in the area to give us a collective voice in matters and issues that are of importance to us. The Chamber has also been able to provide a useful and convenient platform for members to network and interact with each other.

5. Could you describe Haymarket in three words?    Vibrant, energetic, prosperous.

6. What do you see as happening in 2014-15?  2014-2015 will be the year of cautious optimism. There is likely to be modest growth in the economy although the strength of the construction and housing industry will probably continue. Low interest rates and the shortage of dwellings are major contributing factors to the continuing strong demand in the property market.

7. How do you see the plans in and surrounding Haymarket for the future?   Haymarket is an integral and important part of the re-design of the City of Sydney. It will become a sought-after place for businesses and residents. The current plans for Haymarket will make it an even more vibrant and colourful part of the City.

8.Favourite place in Chinatown?  Yum Cha on the weekend where you can get a table!

9. Any advice to other businesses?  Focus on what our customers or clients want, and the rest will take care of itself.

10. What is one of your favourite quotes?
 This is your world. Shape it or someone else will. –Gary Lew.