HCC Announces Youth Leadership Sub Committee

September 19, 2017

From L to R: Jeffrey Tan, Arthur Chao, Kerena Tran, Serena Tran, Hayden Wong and James Cui


We recently come across this quote that ‘True leaders don’t create followers they create more leaders’ (ref: Unknown), it is apparent that HCC is focusing on future growth and the next generation with the much awaited launch our first HCC Sub Committee of Young Leaders.

With a dynamic, enthusiastic and diverse range of young leaders, HCC is proud to welcome the following HCC Young Leaders Sub Committee for 2017/18.

Serena Tran is young entrepreneur and is a multi-lingual first generation Australian born from a highly successful entrepreneurial family from South East Asia. With a degree in marketing/PR, Serena is passionate about digital media, travel, culture and community and brings a high level of enthusiasm, focus and motivation to the Sub Committee.

Arthur Chao is a currently studying finance at university and also draws from a successful family of entrepreneurs from Shanghai and Sydney.  As our youngest multi-lingual member of the Sub Committee, Arthur’s steady and mature enthusiasm to learn, grow and lead brings a wonderful young energy, community mindedness and intelligence to the team.

Jame Cui is a dynamic, multi-lingual and well traveled member who has two degrees in Engineering and Social sciences as well as being passionate about entertainment and education. Having just returned from a university year abroad in the Netherlands and traveling to China, James brings many many talents and a diverse way of thinking to the Sub Committee.

Jeffrey Tan is a young lawyer and entrepreneur who is passionate about Asian culture, community and building relationships.  With a strong professional background and passion for the underprivileged, Jeff has strong skills in working with a range of different people and debth of character through his ommunity mindedness and we look forward to Jeff bringing his diverse thinking, culture and passion for leadership to HCC.

Kerena Tran is young multi-lingual marketing professional first generation Australian born from a highly successful entrepreneurial family from South East Asia.  With her focus to support HCC, the local community and encourage a wider young professional network, Kerena will bring her strong organizational and marketing skills to the Sub Committee.