Haymarket Businesses Open!

February 26, 2020

Despite the sensationalised media headlines and misinformation about NSW’s public safety, Haymarket businesses are running and getting busier by the week. Last Friday the crowds gathered for the popular Chinatown Friday Night Markets and will do so again this coming Friday and thereafter.

With most Haymarket businesses running 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm, Sydney residents and the local community continue to enjoy local Haymarket businesses that include more than 200 food outlets and many retail outlets.  


Haymarket Chamber of Commerce (HCC) President Simon Chan said, ” The current fear we are experiencing is based on a lot of misinformation and is disproportionate to the risk and could be more damaging to our economy and social fabric.”

#Factsnotfear #Knowthefacts
As lies spread faster than truth it has sparked the World Health Organisations to state “this infodemic is as dangerous as the virus itself.”  Based on a  2018 study, researchers found that the rapid speed of false news incites and inspires strong feelings as fear, disgust and surprise. 

According to NSW Health, to date, there have been only 4 cases of COVID19 who have all been released from hospital so any public safety concerns in NSW are unfounded.

Q&A’s program last night focused on Australia’s relationship with China and how ‘healthy’ it is.  The panel and audience discussed the medical facts, the Chinese Government and a whole host of cultural, social, racial, political and economic issues to begin a steady and considered conversation our nation needs to have as we readjust our economic plans for a challenging 2020.

HCC Executive Officer Karen Soo with President Simon Chan were invited to speak on Q & A regarding the impact that the ‘infodemic’ was having on businesses and personally stating, “This is about health not about race.”.  Watch the episode HERE

ABC Q & A Starts the China and Australia Discussion with
‘Is This A Healthy Relationship’