First issue of Haymarketer 2014

February 4, 2014


What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on

what you bring to the New Year
Vern McLellan

Welcome to 2014 and to the Chinese New Year of the Horse gif.  Highly ranked with the Dragon, the Horse represents competition, victory and success.  This year HCC prepares for new challenges, solutions and ideas to support our members and precinct to deliver a very exciting and fruitful year ahead.

Haymarket’s historical transformation continues  to evolve and this presents us with many opportunities to lead the way as an internationally diverse, unique and adaptable destination.

Industry Leadership

Forbes recently reported the key qualities of industry leaders include being knowledgeable, well-connected, credible, amiable  and helpful.  In particular being ‘helpful’ enables leaders to share, collaborate and enhance each other’s knowledge and growth.

Based on this leadership pathway, HCC is currently forging new connections with key groups both overseas and locally to collaborate and share our place making knowledge to develop  our industry leadership and drive economic growth in our precincts.

Photo montage courtesy of Chinatown New York

HCC encourages and supports our members towards achieving greater leadership through collaborative peer to peer networking so if you would like to find out more about how HCC can enhance your business please contact us HERE.