June 28, 2016

Entrepreneurship is the 21st century mega trend that has driven a record $900m in new venture funds in Australia this last year.  Adding to this the emerging market growth  opportunities with our Asian neighbors, Sydney has the capacity to be part of the innovation wave to reshape economies and industries throughout the world. 

Sydney’s entrepreneurial drive may well become the lifeblood to expand our economy with many exciting initiatives underway as highlighted by YPO’s Innovation week in Sydney recently which set unprecendented global innovation discussions amongst its 24,000 Chief Execs and Business Leaders across 130 countires .  Only this last month, two HCC members have recently announced exciting new business initiatives;

HCC Executive Member Brad Chan will launch Haymarket HQ in September and HCC Member Vincent Lim’s recently launched Start Mesh.  

Sydney will soon become home to another startup coworking space, with Haymarket HQ set to open in Chinatown over the next few months. As the location might suggest, the space will be focused on helping startups connect with and grow into Asia.​

Set up as a social enterprise by private family investment company Banna Property Group, Haymarket HQ will have space for around 70 desks as well as meeting, workshop, and function spaces; even a karaoke restaurant in the building.  Find out more at http://www.haymarkethq.org/

StartMesh aims to empower startups to successfully navigate the stage where most others fail: the time between validated idea and sustainable profitability.  The StartMesh Innovation Fund will invest in early stage investments to form a diverse and balanced portfolio of venture capital opportunities. Find out more http://startmesh.com/