Clarification of Recent Media Reports and Statements

February 17, 2022

The Haymarket Chamber of Commerce wishes to correct certain misperceptions and incorrect statements made recently by others about the Chamber’s involvement in the City of Sydney’s 2022 Lunar Festival program.

Representatives from the Haymarket Chamber attended two Zoom meetings organised by the Council of the City of Sydney to discuss Council’s plans for the Sydney Lunar Festival. These meetings were also attended by approximately 15 other community organisations and local businesses in total. Comments and feedback were provided by these stakeholders to Council based on information made available by Council at the time. However, the final decision on the installation at Dixon Street was that of the Council’s and the Council alone.

While the Haymarket Chamber has a broad membership base, at no point has it held itself out as the representative of the entire Chinese community or as representing all the business owners in Chinatown. However, since 2006, the Chamber has advocated for business growth and activity in the Chinatown and Haymarket precinct and will continue to do so.

We are most encouraged by the increase in activity in the Haymarket area in recent weeks during the Lunar Festival and will endeavour to work with all stakeholders to restore Haymarket and Chinatown to its status as a premier destination.

We wish all businesses in Haymarket success and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger.

Executive Committee

Haymarket Chamber of Commerce

17 February 2022