City of Sydney’s submission on the Central Precinct proposal by Transport for NSW

September 30, 2022

The City of Sydney has reviewed the Central Precinct proposal by Transport for NSW and made a submission to the Department of Planning and Environment.

You can read the City’s submission HERE on its website.

The City submitted that while it supports the creation of land above and around Central station to extend the city centre, it is seriously concerned about several parts of the proposal made by Transport for NSW.

The City’s submission also raised the following:


  • rail infrastructure upgrades and future transport capacity and operations must be safeguarded.
  • developer contributions collected must be spent on genuine local infrastructure.
  • existing and new open spaces including streets and parks need to be bigger, protected from wind, and have better sun access.
  • more ambitious sustainability targets are needed
  • proposed streets and connections are too narrow, steep and indirect.
  • building types should be designed to support future jobs and economy.
  • a minimum 25% affordable housing should be provided on site, with a commitment to at least 10% allocated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander households.
  • the gross floor area and density is too high for the site.
  • the development has adverse heritage impacts, particularly on views to the clock tower.

The City’s also stated that a proposal of this size deserved a community engagement strategy to match its scale and complexity. This could include establishing a community liaison group to ensure the public’s voices are heard throughout the process.

You can also have your say about the proposal before the consultation closes on Tuesday 4 October 2022.

If you would like to speak to a City of Sydney employee about their submission, you may contact senior specialist planner Laura Dodds-Hebron on 02 9265 9333 or email