City of Sydney’s Free ¼ hour parking trial

November 26, 2013

City of Sydney’s Free ¼ hour parking trial

The City of Sydney has introduced free 15-minute ticket parking zones in the retail areas of village main streets outside the city centre from 1 December 2013.  Find out more HERE

The year-long trial of free 15-minute ticket parking covers the following streets in the local area:

Parking meters in the retail areas of these streets, detailed in the map below, will feature clear signage outlining the free 15-minute ticket option. A map of locations is also available for download below.

To park in the 15-minute free ticket zone you will need to press a button marked ‘¼ P free with ticket’ and place the ticket on your dashboard.

If you intend to park longer than 15 minutes buy a normal longer stay ticket when you first park your vehicle.


City of Sydney
02 9265 9333