City of Sydney releases its draft Haymarket and Chinatown Revitalisation Strategy

August 15, 2023

The Haymarket Chamber of Commerce welcomes the release by the City of Sydney of its draft Revitalisation Strategy for Haymarket and Chinatown and its updated Haymarket public domain plan.

We look forward to assisting the City in the implementation of these exciting proposals for our historically and culturally rich precinct.  

Our Chamber President, Vincent Lim, welcomes the City’s proposals and said:

It is an excellent blueprint for the much sought-after revitalisation of this historically and culturally rich precinct. The Haymarket and Chinatown district is a major tourist destination and a significant contributor to our city’s economy. In addition to entertainment, it is also an education hub, a technology precinct, and an emerging theatre and arts precinct. It is therefore important that we bring out the best in this area and strive towards realising its full potential.”

The City’s vision for Haymarket has also been reported in the Sydney Morning Herald.