January 18, 2016

Transforming Chinatown

See the City of Sydney’s Video

City of Sydney Chinatow Public Domain plan is the result of consultation with the people who live, work and spend time in Chinatown.


It is also the result of detailed studies of the precinct which looked at current street quality, the shortage of gathering spaces, the ways people currently travel to and through Chinatown and how people spend time in Chinatown.


These studies have formed a plan which will:

  • improve street lighting to be decorative and create inviting and safe public spaces
  • improve the quality of street furniture so that visitors can spend time sitting and talking outdoors
  • add more trees to the precinct
  • add more public art to the area, both permanent and temporary
  • renovate key streets and laneways to create a network of attractive pathways to surrounding facilities such as Darling Harbour and Market City.


The public domain plan is available for download below. A video is available below outlining the City’s plans for Chinatown.