Chinatown Public Domain plan

October 1, 2021

The City of Sydney recently met to discuss its Chinatown Public Domain Plan, which details the city’s investment in the area since 2010. While there has been investment in the area in the past decade, HCC wishes to see more urgent action by council for more investment in the streetscape so it benefits businesses, residents and the community. The Plan details current works underway including the George Street South pedestrianisation project, which will complete the Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision of a George Street pedestrian spine connecting the harbour to Central.

Councillors also agreed for future project priorities recommended to inform future capital works program include Dixon Street Mall refurbishment and the Quay Street upgrade.

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George St South Pedestrianisation project

The City of Sydney is extending the pedestrian boulevard of George Street, Sydney from Bathurst Street to Railway Square. The council says George Street south, pedestrianised from Bathurst Street to Rawson Place, will create 9,000m2 of additional car-free space in the city centre. The mid-block sections between Bathurst Street and Goulburn Street are now open.

The estimated construction period for the overall project is March 2021 to Mid 2022. The Chamber will liaise with the Council to explore ways to speed up the construction process.

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Chinatown reopens

HCC’s vice president Jessie Xiao was interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald about the difficulties that businesses and the great Chinatown community has faced since the COVID-19 pandemic began. This has been exacerbated by the closure of international borders 20 months ago, which has deprived the area of international students and tourists which it relies on. We are looking forward to the urgent revival of Chinatown and Haymarket through investment by all levels of government.