June 20, 2020

‘Let your advanced worrying become your advanced thinking and planning. ‘
– Winston Churchill

Adapting To A New World 

During this transformational and historical moment to pause, according to a report by PWC’s global strategists, businesses will need to rethink and redesign their operating models so that they can be robust enough and flexible to handle the future societal disruptions ahead.   By developing competitive and collaborative strategies, businesses will need to rethink how to repair in a way that will make them more resilient and more successful by considering and planning for the future.  

The report states that organisations and businesses that are not ready for a platform-based economy — one in which business transactions and social activity are largely facilitated by digital platforms or frameworks — will need to become ready quickly. Forecasting that small businesses will be the most significantly affected and dependent on strong Government policies to withstand this crisis, larger organisations will  need to rethink technology strategy, geographic footprints, and business models to make them more robust and to recognize the very strong pressures for localisation they are going to experience.  


PWC’s ADAPT outlining the global trends that Covid-19 has accelerated.

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