HCC’s Market of Lights Launches with NSW Transport Along George

October 1, 2016

Market of Lights Launches on George Street

Market of Lights Red Fire Monkey Sculptures Launch Along George St Haymarket

This month, George Street welcomes NSW Transport’s sponsorship and support of HCC’s Market of Lights.  Sprinkles of Red Fire Monkey Light Sculptures can be seen along George Street between Liverpool and Hay Street aimed at enlivening and activating Haymarket as the historic light rail construction enters this cultural precinct.

Haymarket businesses will be abuzz day and night with HCC’s red fire monkey sculptures hanging from trees and ‘smart pole’ trees. As the sun sets the cheeky glow of these light sculptures come alive bringing warmth and an illuminated energy to the area. 


The Dixon Street launch of the Market of Lights earlier this year proved to be a huge success amongst all local businesses, residents and visitors by adding cultural flare and energy to the bustling Haymarket area.