April 25, 2020

Covid 19
April 2020

The current Covi 19  pandemic has a significant impact on all of us, both in the short term and the long term. Therefore it might be a good time for us to reflect upon our lives and contemplate our future, while we take a break from our usual busy lives.

Responses  to the pandemic by all levels of government have evolvedvery quickly over the last month since our round table discussion with the City of Sydney organised by Councillor Jess Scully and attended by the Lord Mayor, Clover Moore and Councillor Robert Kok and as well our discussions with Councillors Dr Kerryn Phelps, Linda Scott and Craig Chung and also our meeting with The Hon. Damien Tudehope, Minister for Finance and Small Business.

We are pleased that both the Federal and State Government, as well as the City of Sydney have  acknowledged the importance of small businesses and have provided support packages for owners and employees who have been affected by the enforced closures.

A summary of these support packages is included below in  our newsletter to assist our members. Please contact us if you need more information.

In such times as this current crisis,  it would be to  our mutual benefit to work together, share our resources, and adopt innovative ways to do business, so that we can adapt, collaborate and emerge with renewed vigour. 

In the meantime, the HCC ExecutiveCommittee and I wish you remain safe and healthy and that you take the opportunity to enjoy the company of your family and loved ones at home.

Simon Chan
Haymarket Chamber of Commerce