November 2, 2015


Haymarket Chamber of Commerce acknowledges key Chamber Members for their high level of commitment

for the local market of commerce and culture and for their support for the Chamber.


How would you describe Haymarket and what makes this area unique?

Haymarket is the location of Sydney Chinatown. That make it unique.

What do think makes the local culture of Haymarket?

It is a mixed culture area. More Chinese/Asian culture. In Haymarket, you can buy Chinese herbs, gifts, find Chinese Doctors, find Chinese traditional feng shui, I Ching, prediction masters and get finance services. For people who only speaks Chinese can live in Haymarket easily.

Where are your favourite places in the area?

I like the Darling Quarter. It is the family friendly area. Traffic free, full of life, plenty choice of restaurants and bars. It has beautiful green area, kids play ground and charming water view.

Any suggestions for improvement?

The south part of the Chinatown (the South part of Dixon St) has been quiet for a long time. It needs improvement.  Tidy up the street, trim the trees, adding more night life and street activities can improve the energy.