December 27, 2015

HCC Ambassador 2016

Business Broker
李富霖 (杰克)
Benchmark Business 


As a key representative for local businesses in Haymarket how do you see the business community supporting each other?  ​Through activities organised by HCC, local businesses meet each other regularly, build relationship over time, exchange ideas, share business opportunities and challenges, supporting and helping each other. In short, it is a group of business communities who are serious and care about their businesses and understanding the value of long term relationship, working together to achieve win-win outcome.

What do you think makes for a successful business in these ever changing times?  ​3 things – It is like marriages, focus on having long term relationship and trust,​

​Understand clients need and help to solve their problems and finally provide quality service and consistency in delivering.  


What are three important factors that make for strong leadership?

Stay positive and keep our energy high, there is always many angles and perspective to look at things, chose the right ones; 

Keep our own promise, be the business person who we want to do business with, be the leader who we want to follow.

Business is a long term’s game, make it fun and make everybody wins