CNY of the Rat 2020 Feng Shui Forecast

January 13, 2020

2020 庚子(Geng Zi) The Metal Rat Year

By Mina Zheng

From the traditional Chinese calendar, the year 2020 is a Metal Rat year. The Chinese New Year is on 25/01/2020, the Li Chun is on 4/2/2020. The date of Li Chun is the when the Rat year start.

From the RatyearLi Chun chart, the year pillar is metal above the water element, the water drains the metal energy. The monthpillarisearthoverwood,thehourpillarisearthovermetal. Overall, the elements are in ‘draining system’. Wealth and power will be the main concern in 2020. There will be no easy approaches. Wealth and power will come from creativity, intelligence, and hard work for nations and individuals.

In the Rat year, people will be more pragmatic. It is a year of repair and improvement.  However many people will travel. People move around to make money, study or for other reasons. There will be more crimes involving violence and robbery in this year. People should pay attention to safety and belongings. 

From a big picture, the natural disasters will continue. Australian bush fires and the international bush fires will be hard to cease. We are close to the end of period eight (the earth period), the next period (fire period) is getting closer. Fire period is beginning at 2024, and it will lasts for twenty years. The location of Australia will make it the center of the fire stage in the world. The government needs to be well prepared, need to come up with practical plans to protect the country before the country burns to black.

In 2020, the government of major countries will come up with new policies to support their economies and deal with the natural disasters. International relationships will be busy. Due to the draining relationship between metal and water, the wealth of the year will be used to support the power of the country. More money will be pulled into military and infrastructure.  People will work hard to obtain and maintain peace.  Countries will have new combinations and clashes on the world stage. Politics will be tied up with financial benefit. People will find that if their country plays wisely, and make the right decisions and alliances, they will achieve more financial gain this year.

The elements of the year will be favorable for IT, banking, shipping, and transportation industries . High technology will continue to move into a new phase. Robots will replace more jobs. Shares will fluctuate. However, the wealth element will be strong in the middle of the year, and there will be good opportunities for share investors.

Property development will be conservative. The property market will not be expecting to soar in this year. Mid and low price properties will be stable. Industries relating to shipping, networking, and delivery will flourish.

Rat is one of the four Peach Blossoms. It will be a romantic year for most people. It is a good year to deepen your love with your loved one and family. This year is good for travel, music, entertainment, romance related business. Education, publishing, and cultural development will be slow in the first half of the year, and will pick up in the second half of the year.

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